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Roving Reporter

1. “Kobe Bryant – I’ve grown up watching him my whole life and he’s the best player in the world. He’s better than Lebron.” – Amit Ranan, junior, economics and psychology major

2. “Andre Ethier – I’m from L.A., I like the Dodgers, and he’s a pretty good player.” – Casey Gerber, junior, textiles and clothing major

3. “Jerry Rice – He’s my favorite athlete and I respect him. He’s never been a showboat. He works hard and he’s one of the most genuine, most well-respected and hardest working athletes.” – Dean Achelis, senior, sociology major

4. “David Beckham – I believe he’s a great soccer player. He’s famous all over the world and he’s so hot.” – Merve Oney, fifth-year senior, biological sciences major

5. “Freddy Sanchez – I want to marry him. I love him – he’s my favorite baseball player.” – Carolyn Soldati, junior, communication major

6. “Brian Wilson – He’s hilarious, but he’s got to have his playoff beard. I would love to spend a day with him and watch him play.” – Liz Walz, junior, exercise biology major

7. “Ryan Hall – He ran the marathon in the Olympics, and he’s a pretty awesome runner.” – Nathan Huckeba, junior, undeclared

8. “Barry Sanders – He has a strong character and he’s a beast. He can take on 11 defenders by himself.” – Johnathan Yu, sophomore, undeclared

9. “Michael Phelps – Swimming was the most interesting sport to watch in the Olympics. I eagerly anticipated every race he did, hoping he would break barriers and win the most gold medals ever.” – Glenn Loveall, fifth-year senior, political science and history major


– Photos by JEFF PERRY


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