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CD review: Deerhunter

Artist: Deerhunter

Album: Halcyon Digest

Label: 4ad Records

Rating: 4

Halcyon is defined as tranquil, peaceful and carefree. In this sense Halcyon Digest seems like it should be a musical volume that exudes calm. But despite its optimistic name, dark undertones ride many of the songs on Deerhunter’s fourth album.

In “Helicopter,” Bradford Cox sings of devils coming to take him while helicopters circle the scene.  The musicians perpetuate an air of melancholy in “He Would Have Laughed,” which is dedicated to the deceased Jay Reatard (former member of Deerhunter). “Sailing” takes on a nautical, dreamy sound, while “Memory Boy” – memorable for its refrain “It’s not a house anymore” – notes the dismantling powers of a past love. In “Earthquake,” the voices are obscured by soft guitar riffs and the sound of feet scuffling. Finally, “Desire Lines” cleverly touches on the theme of being young and having your “excitement line” show. All in all, it’s an intelligent, experimental album.

Give these tracks a listen: “Sailing,” “Earthquake”

For fans of: Miike Snow, Animal Collective, Interpol

– Eleni Stephanides


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