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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Editorial: Carpooling

The idea of carpooling with a stranger usually ignites either a Jack Kerouac-like idealism, or the fear of being bludgeoned by a murderous hitchhiker. While both scenarios are possible, sharing a ride home for winter break will most likely be an uneventful experience and one that all students should consider.

Whether you’re using Craigslist or Zimride, a rideshare organizer that recently teamed up with UC Davis, those looking to carpool have an abundant supply of cars heading to their respective destination toward the end of finals week.

UC Davis has 1,500 affiliates signed up for Zimride, which requires a campus e-mail address to access. Though there is no way to filter out UC Davis-associated creepers, chances are the worst thing that will happen is you’ll end up in a car with an annoying sociology major.

The arguments in favor of ride sharing are obvious- it is much cheaper and more eco-friendly to travel en masse than as individuals. But you, Aggie readers, already know that. This editorial merely serves as a reminder that carpooling home is a viable option and could be kind of cool.

At press, gas in Davis cost around $3.19. Drive the 517 miles to San Diego and you’re looking at no less than $60 for fuel. That is a week’s worth of grocery money, evaporated into the atmosphere.

And unnecessarily so. Anyone traveling in your direction can be conveniently dropped off along the way. What may initially be perceived as an awkward situation could be the start of a beautiful friendship. What better way to make a new friend than to be forced into conversation?

So, do not close your mind to the idea of carpooling home this winter break. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the ride.


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