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Editor’s note

Dear readers,

This year we decided to change a tradition at The Aggie: Columnists now write for a quarter rather than an entire year. Our goal with this new policy is to bring more voices and viewpoints to the campus newspaper and give more people the opportunity to take on the challenge of writing a column.

In other words: We have new columnists for this quarter!

I’d like to thank our retiring columnists – May Yang, Brian Riley, Mario Lugo, Fayia Sellu, James O’Hara, Jennifer Richwood and Alison Stevenson – for the excellent work they produced throughout fall quarter.

I’d also like to briefly introduce our winter quarter columnists.

We start off the week with Katherine Tang Ngo and Megha Bhatt. Ngo is a senior human development major. She plans to focus on Asian American and women’s issues at UC Davis in a light-hearted and witty style. Bhatt is a senior religious studies and political science double major. She plans to write about how people can benefit from alternative fitness methods that are gradually making their way into American life.

On this page on Tuesday, you’ll see columns by Sabrina Vigil and Maya Makker. Vigil is a senior community and regional development major. Her focus will be food and cooking, college-style. Makker is a sophomore history major and will use her column to explore the role height plays in our everyday lives and the way stereotypes impact our daily decisions.

Wednesdays will bring columns by Brittany Nelson and Corrie Jacobs. Nelson, a sophomore English major, will put the spotlight on college fashion and discuss ways to deal with the decisions and dilemmas that students face when deciding what to wear. Jacobs, a junior English major, will draw on her passion for linguistics and literature to discuss the ways these things influence our viewpoints and actions.

Finally, on Thursdays we’ll hear from Eleni Stephanides and Rajiv Narayan. Stephanides, a junior psychology major and current Aggie news writer, will use her column to highlight psychological phenomena and the ways they influence our daily experiences. Narayan is a senior and was an Aggie columnist last fall. This winter he will write about the complicated role of technology in college life, covering topics such as online textbooks, net neutrality and social networking pitfalls.

We also have columnists who write for the opinion page on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Josh Rottman, a page-two columnist during fall quarter, will take up the opinion column on Tuesdays this winter. Rob Olson will continue with his Thursday opinion column.

I am excited to see what these Aggie columnists have to offer for us this quarter, and I hope you are too. As always, I’d love to hear any feedback you have on what you’re reading. E-mail your letters to the editor to opinion@theaggie.org, or call me at (530) 752-9890.

And remember that if you’re interested in writing your own column, we will start the hiring process for spring quarter in March. More details will be announced in February.



Opinion Editor


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