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Ask Katehi

Editor’s note: In an effort to foster increased communication between students and members of the administration here at UC Davis, Chancellor Linda Katehi will join The California Aggie each week to answer questions from readers.

What’s the relationship like between ASUCD and UC Davis administrators?

In my year and a half here, I’m happy to say that I’ve enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the ASUCD leadership, and I hope to continue our positive and constructive relationship into the future.

The president of the Associated Students of UC Davis and the other ASUCD representatives regularly provide insightful perspectives that help keep the campus and our administrators tuned to student interests and new ideas. The ASUCD is one of many important decision-making and advisory bodies on campus, including for example, the Campus Council on Community and Diversity.

Administrators are often counselors to student leaders, groups and initiatives. Frequently we are partners. Always, we hope to empower.

Today, ASUCD representatives and campus administrators are working side by side to address some of our most pressing concerns – from establishing a “hate-free” campus following hate incidents last spring to turning around problems related to Picnic Day. Together, the ASUCD’s Lobby Corps and the administration advocate for increased state funding and reinvestment in higher education.

ASUCD, which represents thousands of undergraduates and some of our other students, manages an annual operating budget of almost $11 million, and provides services and activities that range from the Unitrans bus service to the Coffee House and Experimental College.

The student government and our student body are often the spark and energy for change. For example, our students helped drive the campus to more fully embrace sustainability, now one of our hallmarks. And this month, The Pantry, a new unit of the ASUCD, will open as a food bank to serve students in need.

Our entire administrative team has enjoyed working with and exchanging ideas with ASUCD and its leadership. The university is a good place for all of us to challenge ourselves and be inspired by others, especially tomorrow’s leaders.

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