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Editor’s note:  The Environmental Policy and Planning Commission (EPPC) is an ASUCD commission that works to create a more environmentally sustainable campus. Every week, EPPC will answer questions from readers or share stories on green living.
What should I do with dead batteries?

Well, we here at EPPC hate to be preachy, but there may be no way around this one. Since February 2006, California has banned all household batteries from landfills, so they can’t be thrown away in the trash. Household batteries contain potentially toxic metals such as cadmium, zinc, lithium and nickel. Add that to the fact that Americans purchase approximately 3 billion household batteries each year – roughly 10 batteries per person – and you can see where there might be a problem. So, what to do in Davis? After you have sorted your batteries by type (alkaline, lithium and rechargeable), take them to your nearest battery recycling location:

· Davis Senior Center, 646 A St.

· CVS Pharmacy (Longs Drug Store), 1550 E. Covell Blvd.

· CVS Pharmacy (Longs Drug Store), 1471 W. Covell Blvd.

· Rite Aid, 655 Russell Blvd.

· Rite Aid, 2135 Cowell Blvd.

· Hibbert Lumber, 500 G St.

· Davis Ace Hardware, 240 G St.

You can also go to the “multibins” on campus provided by R4 Recycling, found in convenient locations like the Memorial Union and the Activities and Recreation Center. This can be something you do once a year; just get a large zip lock bag going and recycle the batteries once it gets full. You and I both know most Americans are not disposing of their batteries properly, so let’s continue to prove that UC Davis is the greenest campus around by recycling at the locations above.

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