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Cuarto residents experience string of thefts

Leading up to winter break, multiple instances of stolen items were reported from the Cuarto Residence Halls. Items such as laptops, video games and other valuables were stolen from several Cuarto residents.

“In all of the situations, the items were stolen from unlocked suites in the early morning hours,” Branden Petitt, associate director of Student Housing, said in an e-mail interview.

Petitt was unable to make any further comments because this matter is still under investigation by the UC Davis Police Department.

After several phone calls and messages, university police could not be reached to comment on this matter.

“All [the residents] were told by Student Housing was that people were going around after midnight into unlocked dorms stealing things, so we should keep our doors locked and curtains shut, so people do not see anything they might want to take,” said Misbah Husain, first year biology major and Cuarto resident.

– Jaspreet Bahia


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