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CD review: Robyn

Artist: Robyn

Album: Body Talk

Label: Konichiwa Records

Rating: 5

If there has ever been a more underrated pop goddess, it is Robyn.

Body Talk, the full-length album containing songs Robyn has been slowly releasing to fans in the form of EP’s since June, is jam-packed with innovative and catchy tunes that will make you want to dance as hard and long as Robyn’s fans do at her notorious live shows.

Robyn, who first became famous in the ’90s with her bubblegum pop hit “Show Me Love” (you’ll be sure to find it in one of your Now That’s What I Call Music! CDs … if you even know what those still are), successfully revamped her sound in the 2000s and has since been one of the reigning electronic pop queens of Europe.

The club-friendly hits of Body Talk have finally begun to garner Robyn the attention she deserves in America. She has been featured in an episode of “Gossip Girl” and recently performed at the MTV Video Music Awards. If these are any indications, Robyn is sure to blow up – and when she does you’ll be glad you heard her first.

Give these tracks a listen: “Dancing On My Own,” “Indestructible,” “Hang With Me”

For fans of: Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Lykke Li

– Anneta Konstantinides


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