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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

New company plans to help students save

A student-run company called CampusCred is launching its student savings benefits program at UC Davis this week.

CampusCred, which originated at UC Berkeley, aims to help students save money while increasing business for stores and restaurants in college towns.

Students can sign up for a free account online and then buy vouchers, which are similar to gift cards, for 50 percent of the value that they are worth. For example, a $10 voucher would cost a student only five dollars.

“Essentially we are a start up student company. We run promotional deals that usually run from four to six days, and within that time period you can buy vouchers,” said Sherry Wang, Davis CampusCred director and a junior managerial economics major.

The CampusCred vouchers are limited to current students, faculty or alumni of UC Davis. The company’s main goal is to provide support for both the UC Davis community and Davis businesses.

CampusCred has already been successful on the Berkeley campus, leading to the expansion to UC Davis. CampusCred will also be launching at UC Santa Cruz, UCLA and Southern California in the near future.

With the current economic conditions and recent fee increases, college students are constantly looking for new ways to save money on food.

“For students, everyone is on a budget, so when you get food that’s 50 percent off, it’s a huge benefit,” said Nikhil Sheel, Davis CampusCred director and a junior statistics and economics double major. CampusCred hopes to also give students the opportunity to explore Davis and its restaurant scene.

“Our goal is to get students to try new places,” Sheel said. “And a lot of times to try a new place, students need a big reason to go there. CampusCred lets them try a new restaurant for 50 percent off. Restaurants get excited because they then have new students coming to their restaurants.”

The first voucher that will be sold will be for KetMoRee, a Thai food restaurant in downtown Davis. CampusCred has already signed with restaurants such as Ali Baba, Queen of Sheba and Mermaid’s Seafood and Grill. Furthermore, CampusCred is currently in talks with many other stores and restaurants such as Woodstock’s Pizza, Yolo Berry, the Silo and even the on-campus bookstore.

“I think it looks like a really cool program, and a great idea. I will totally sign up for it,” said Paige Steffy, a first-year sociology major.

CampusCred will have a table in the MU this week to answer questions about the program and help students sign up for their online membership account.

“It’s win-win for students and businesses. No one’s losing out with these deals,” Wang said.

HANNAH STRUMWASSER can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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