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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Letter to the Editor

White lining a step forward

We would like to clarify what the expanded white lining privileges means for UC Davis students and to address some of the misconceptions the recent editorial put forward.

At the last Board of Regents meeting in San Francisco, ASUCD sent two representatives more than an hour away, paid for their travel and had them rearrange their class schedule, only to have them not be allowed to speak during public comment despite registering beforehand. The students of UC Davis were not heard that day because of an unfair institutional barrier, which has recently been removed by our access to white lining privileges.

While imperfect – and it should be said that nobody billed this as the silver bullet to UC advocacy – any way that student perspectives can be heard by decision-makers is a victory. We certainly don’t expect sudden shifts to student-friendly policies just because UCD undergraduates will have reliable, consistent access to the Regents’ ears. White lining is just one more way for students with well-thought out ideas to access the Regents – something that has not been possible for UC Davis students for a while, given our recent relationship with the UC Student Association.

Also, it is deeply concerning that The Aggie is arguing that white lining is merely a ploy to build up the regents’ public image. Heaven forbid students try to talk to the regents, it may seem like we have influence on decision making! Engaging the regents and promoting the student interest is critical in this time of budget reductions and increasing fees. This is a significant step for achieving pragmatic solutions. With this new privilege, UC Davis students will have direct access to top-level UC administrators and policy creators, in addition to already having access to numerous state legislators, through Lobby Corps.


Director, ASUCD University Affairs


President, ASUCD


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