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Davis, California

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Letter to the Editor

I salute you for giving light to this “event” (Editorial: Pension boost, Jan. 13).

These types of pensions, given to these public servants, are indeed severe offenses against our human intellect and must be stopped at all costs!

Today, the world in general is suffering, because of these unacceptable injustices!

It is vital, most urgently, to find out how these pensions are possible, what are the reasons and why?

I am a low-income person, now retired, with a net monthly income of $1,175, one person, and I am single.

Still with this income, I can go to the Mondavi Center, and the Davis Hall in San Francisco, every year. I can buy some books at the Avid Reader. I was able to donate a new football/soccer net to the Arroyo Park last August.

And ha! Using almost daily the splendid Unitrans bus service. And what drivers all of these young students are! They are first class! I have not had a car for the last eight years and I do not need it!

What a difference.



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