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CD review: The Script

Artist: The Script

Album: Science & Faith

Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK

Rating: 4

In terms of growth, there really isn’t any for The Script’s second album, but hey, I’m not complaining. The first album was so awesome that a continuation of that unique combination of edgy soul-searching lyrics with unbeatable melodies basically makes this an unmistakable hit.

It’s true: these tracks are a lot slower, without those Eminem-esque sound bites that were so prominent in the first album. But the content and spirit of the album as a whole is very reminiscent of The Script’s style. It’s highly refreshing to see a band find their own style and hold to what defines them, instead of trying to reinvent themselves on every album. Well done!

Give these tracks a listen: “Science & Faith,” “Dead Man Walking”

For fans of: Maroon 5, Kings of Leon

– Brittany Pearlman


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