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What’s the deal with all of the waste bins at the CoHo?

Now that the renovations are finished, your local CoHo has three separate containers to distribute your waste into. A big issue at the CoHo is that some students are not aware of what should be composted, recycled or thrown away. So what goes where?


This is an important bin. Be very aware of what you do and do not put in this bin. If it is contaminated, the whole bag will be thrown in landfill and won’t have a chance to be composted. All food waste, napkins, paper cups, plates, wood stirring straws, chopsticks and straws should be thrown in here. Make sure to take off the lids to your cups before composting them.


Plastic bottles, cans, aluminum foil, clear plastic cups, clear plastic lids and newspapers should all be deposited here. No plastic sushi trays please.


All other wastes that have not been mentioned yet. Examples would be sushi trays and white plastic coffee lids.

UC Davis aims to be 100 percent waste free, and by altering your disposal habits, you can help make that goal a reality.

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