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G Street Pub closing down for renovations

G Street Pub will temporarily close down to undergo renovations. Though the date has yet to be determined, the bar could be closing as early as mid-February.

The bar’s current liquor manager, Chris Armanini, is taking over the lease beginning April 1 and decided to initiate the renovations.

“It’s pretty much going to stay the G Street Pub, but we’re going to make it clean,” he said. “There’s going to be new floors and new ceilings. And a kitchen wouldn’t hurt either.”

Armanini said he plans on keeping some of the pub’s most iconic features, such as funk night, karaoke and live music.

Cameron Enz, the current general manager, has been working at G Street Pub off and on since 1995, when the pub was still called Davis Saloon. He said that the live music is one thing he would particularly like to see preserved.

“G Street has been showcasing bands since before I started and it’s been a pillar in the music industry between Sacramento and San Francisco with a lot of bands passing through,” Enz said. “It’s unfortunate that most kids now prefer a deejay, but that’s just how the trend goes.”

Armanini said he cannot be sure when he would be able to re-open the pub, but it will most likely be around mid-May or the beginning of June. Some of G Street Pub’s current customers will be eagerly awaiting its return.

“It has a really interesting atmosphere. It feels like it has history inside of it so I hope that they clean it up while maintaining that distinct character,” said senior sociology major, Patrick Lewis. “I just really hope the floors aren’t sticky anymore.”

Sticky floors are a definite problem, agreed Laura Ziegler, a senior psychology and design double major.

“Your feet cannot move from the location because it’s so sticky,” she said. “You get stuck there, literally.”

Ziegler added, however, that she hopes the new owner will continue to play good music and have dancing, as well as keep admission free.

Having worked there for 15 years, Armanini said he has seen the pub’s ups and downs and is excited to start making changes. The staff will stay the same, he said, since the current owners are never around and they have learned to run the place on their own. Armanini would also like to work on getting retirement packages and healthcare for the staff.

“To think that [the business] is going to be pie in the sky is silly, but if you can have a place that is a lot of fun and employees want to go to work then that makes a big difference,” he said. “Giving back to the community is really important. It’s a local venue and it’s about the local people.”

To the pub’s customers Armanini said, “It will be open soon. Come back.”

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