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Tech Tips

What is it?

Dropbox is a website that allows you to store files and access them from any computer with an Internet connection. You can even create a folder on your computer desktop that will automatically sync to your Dropbox account so anything in that folder is always available to you.

Why use Dropbox?

With Dropbox, you can get rid of clumsy e-mail attachments, and you will never need to find a USB thumb drive to transfer files between computers. Simply drag and drop your file into the Dropbox folder and it is automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account. You can get an Internet hyperlink to any of your files so that you can share them with other people.

Is this right for me?

Dropbox works on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android and Blackberry. On top of that, their service is completely free. Every user gets 2 gigabytes of storage free, with options to pay for more storage.

Why do I love it?

On my computer desktop, I have a folder called “UC Davis.” Everything I have ever done for school is in this folder: essays, papers, class notes, lecture slides, etc. This folder is set to automatically sync with my Dropbox account so anytime I add a file, or change a file, those changes are automatically saved online. With this method, I can go to campus, download the homework assignment I left on my desk and get it turned in on time. I can even access my class syllabi on-the-go with my iPhone.

Check it out at Dropbox.com.

– Hudson Lofchie


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