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How do I make my Valentine’s Day environmentally friendly?

Picking flowers, buying cute teddy bears and setting up candlelit dinners – planning for Valentine’s Day can turn quite stressful when trying to plan out perfection. The last thing you would think is, “how sustainable am I being?” As we run off to buy flowers, sweets and those sentimental Hallmark cards, keep in mind that most of what we will buy will end up in the landfill a couple of weeks later. So how can you reduce your waste but keep your sweetheart feeling loved and remembered?

Here are some quick tips on how to make your Valentine’s Day both romantic and sustainable:

Purchase organic flowers and compost them or better yet pick some locally grown flowers! Some seasonal winter flowers include roses, pansies and lilies.Plant a tree together to create something lasting to commemorate this joyous day. Check out treedavis.org and dedicate a gift that grows to your significant other! Buy organic, fair-trade chocolate. It’s environmentally friendly and tastes better than the cheap stuff. Make a card instead of buying a pre-made one. Make sure to use recycled paper when doing so!Make dinner using fresh produce from your local farmers market. Cook some delicious veggies and be content in knowing how and where they were grown. When going out to eat, choose a local restaurant specializing in serving organic or locally-grown food. Eating locally reduces green house emissions by reducing the miles traveled by your meat and veggies.

Your thoughtfulness will be remembered by both your loved one and the environment. Peace and love everyone.

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