75.8 F

Davis, California

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Photo of the Week

The UC Davis campus might seem flat and unremarkable, though amiable and pleasing, to someone on a casual stroll. For rollerbladers, it represents a wealth of terrain and possibilities for athletic and creative engagement.

Exploring the campus’ nooks and crannies looking for places to skate is a much different experience than walking to class, so even though I’m here five days a week, I’ll come on the weekends too. Here, Jack Ostrand, sophomore anthropology major, is grinding a rail under the Chemistry Annex

Rollerblading photography can be a demanding genre, and getting the right angle can be a little unnerving – my head was only a few feet from where Ostrand was landing. A fast shutter (1/500 second) is a must, and because there was a lot of available light I was able to keep my aperture at f/8 with ISO 400. After a couple of tries, I had Ostrand frozen where I wanted him – framed under the overhang with the sun illuminating his face.

– Jeremy Raff


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