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Women’s Gymnastics Preview

Teams: UC Davis vs. San Jose State; vs. Boise State; vs. Seattle Pacific

Record: Aggies, 6-1; Spartans, 6-2; Broncos, 3-3; Falcons, 0-7

Where: Spartan Gym – San Jose, Calif.

When: Friday at 7 p.m.

Who to watch: Senior Michele Hurlock has been an asset to the team since her freshman year. The team is eager to have her back in the line-up after she suffered an injury earlier in the year.

The Tracy, Calif. native is looking to make a strong showing at the quad meet this weekend.

Did you know? This will be the second and third time the Aggies will compete against Seattle Pacific and San Jose State, respectively, this season. In their first encounter, the Aggies topped San Jose State by .700 points, and in their second dual the Spartans defeated the Aggies by .350 points.

Preview: This Friday, four foes will be dueling it out head to head in a heated match.

“The gym at San Jose is very small. With all four events happening simultaneously, this meet will be tight, loud, and have a high level of competition,” coach John Lavallee said. “This meet is going to be our best and hardest test.”

Boise State is ranked 12th in the nation. Both San Jose State and Seattle Pacific have been posting impressive scores over the last couple of weeks, too.

In order to do well in this meet, Lavallee said that the team will have to implement all the techniques and form they have been practicing.

“We’re at a point in our season where all of our hard work and practice starts to show,” Lavallee said. “Hopefully our scores will take a jump up. If each person fixes a tenth of a point, that adds an extra two points to our team score. We’re completely different at that point.”

Lavallee believes that this meet will be a test for not only the team, but also the mental game of each individual athlete.

“The best part of this meet is the high level of competition,” Lavallee said. “As an athlete, this is your time to see how good you can be, how high you can raise your level, and what you’re capable of in reaction to your competitor.”

Lavallee stresses that this meet is not about the individual, but about the entire team coming together as a unit.

“It’s going to take all 24 team members for this meet,” Lavallee said. “Everyone will need to show up with their ‘A’ game.”

– Caleigh Guoynes


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