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Campus Judicial Report

Don’t plagiarize and harass

This senior was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for plagiarism in an upper division writing class. The professor reported that the student had plagiarized long verbatim passages and used incorrect citations in her paper. When meeting with a judicial officer, the student stated that she did not have time to write the paper and panicked. She also claimed that she had not plagiarized long verbatim passages as the professor had reported, but that she had plagiarized only a few sentences. When the student received a low grade on the paper due to the plagiarism, she then harassed the professor through continuous e-mails demanding an explanation for her grade, which made the professor uncomfortable. This student agreed to the sanctions of suspension for one quarter and deferred separation until graduation.


This sophomore was referred to SJA for copying during an exam. The teaching assistant noticed the student’s wandering eyes and suspicious behavior during the midterm and final exams and reported the student for both. When meeting with a judicial officer, the student admitted that she had copied from a friend sitting next to her. She also stated that her friend had no idea that she was looking at her paper, and that she was pressured by a lack of sleep and other personal issues. Since this was the student’s second referral to SJA, she agreed to the disciplinary sanctions of deferred separation until graduation and 22 hours of community service. If the student is found in violation of academic misconduct again, she will most likely be dismissed from the University of California.

Get it right the first time

A professor reported a senior for altering an exam and submitting it for additional points. The professor stated that the student had altered two of his answers and then told the teaching assistant that the graders had overlooked some work where he should have received credit. When meeting with a judicial officer, the student admitted to the misconduct and stated that he had hit rock bottom and was very apologetic. The student accepted the sanction of deferred separation and was encouraged to write a letter of apology to his professor. He was also referred to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to get help dealing with stress.

Campus Judicial Reports are compiled by members of STUDENT JUDICIAL AFFAIRS. Apply to become a member on the third floor of Dutton Hall by March 15.


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