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Fraternity robbed at gunpoint

Nu Alpha Kappa (NAK), a Latino-based fraternity, was robbed at gun point around 2:15 a.m. on Sunday. One suspect, Daniel Chavez, is in custody. A second suspect – a Hispanic male in his mid-20s, of medium build and a tattoo of “678” on his neck – is still at large. Neither are affiliated with UC Davis.

The house, located at 333 Parkway Circle, hosted a party on Saturday night. When asked to leave, one of the suspects pulled out a gun and robbed four males. Two of the victims were UC Davis students, according to UC Davis police. The suspects then stole a car, crashed it into the wall of a daycare center and threw a gun into a playground.

Members of NAK were unable to comment.

Down the street, one apartment in Russell Park and two apartments in The Colleges at La Rue were burglarized. Electronics including televisions were stolen, though residents were not home at the time.

On Feb. 16, a dorm in Emerson Hall was broken into. A resident awoke to a rattling sound and saw two unknown suspects standing in the common room. The suspects fled.

It is unknown whether the incidents are related.

BECKY PETERSON can be reached at city@theaggie.org.

Clarification: Feb. 24, 2011: Although mentioned in the above article, no one affiliated with Nu Alpha Kappa was directly involved in the robbery.


  1. Actually Jeremy,

    This article is far from the truth. The Fraternity Nu Alpha Kappa itself did not get robbed at gun point so you obviously didn’t double check anything. In the police reports it clearly stated that the suspects robbed another Fraternity and non Fraternity persons down the street.

  2. We double checked the information with the police in response to bonjourbonjour’s comment, and all information in this article is accurate. We’ve updated the article to reflect the distinction between robbery and burglary.


    Jeremy Ogul

    Opinion Editor

    The California Aggie

  3. According to Crime Reports, there were two break-ins at Orchard Park Apartments yesterday and on the 16th…but none at the Colleges.


  4. Don’t call the incident at the other apartments robbery. Robbery cannot happen if the victims were not present. This would be burglary if breaking and entering occurred, or larceny if the residences were not locked. If you want to be a journalist/editor, get an AP Stylebook and it will help you immensely in keeping these subtle but important differences straight.


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