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CD review: Adele

Artist: Adele

Album: Adele 21

Label: 2010 XL Recordings Ltd

Rating: 4

The self-titled and enumerated, sophomoric album of the young songstress Adele is a smart, soul-searching and deeply personal foray into the mind of a truly talented woman. Each song is a snapshot of another dimension of Adele’s personality, which, to say the least, provides something more dynamic than what our modern audience is perhaps used to.

Maintaining her Janice Joplin voice and Twiggy fashion style, Adele is anything but disappointing. Listening to her balladic melodies is no chore, no sir. In fact, each piece is lovely to listen to, soothing your mind as well as your ears. And not every track is a ballad – the album’s hit song “Rolling in the Deep,” which is featured in the trailer for the new blockbuster I Am Number Four, is funky, retro and rocking.

Give these tracks a listen: “Rolling in the Deep,” “Lovesong” and “I Found a Boy”

For fans of: Duffy, Colbie Caillat, Natasha Bedingfield

– Brittany Pearlman


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