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News-in-Brief: ASUCD unit director dismissed in closed session

In a closed session on Feb. 17, the ASUCD senate removed Dylan Schaefer from his former position of director of City and County Affairs. The job paid $63 per week.

According to the ASUCD bylaws, the association must publicly report action taken during a closed session – details that may constitute an invasion of privacy are not required.

“It is a very sensitive issue,” said Liz Walz, a former ASUCD senator who was present for the closed session, in an e-mail interview.

Outreach Assembly Speaker Sabrina Dias and Walz both confirmed that the purpose of the meeting was to evaluate Schaefer’s performance and that Schaefer was ultimately dismissed. Dias and Walz declined to discuss the matter further. Schaefer also declined to comment.

The senate can conduct closed sessions during otherwise public senate meetings for personnel matters, including the dismissal of an ASUCD employee. No one can be present for these sessions except the voting members of the senate table, the ASUCD president and vice president, a recording secretary, any personnel being discussed and approved witnesses for testimonies.

ASUCD is now seeking a new director of City and County Affairs. Wednesday is the last day to apply.

– Janelle Bitker


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