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UC to create single payroll system across campuses

The UC system has recently launched a plan to implement a universal payroll system for all of the UC campuses and medical centers.

UC’s goal is to install the new system within the next four years. The new system will allow UC to pay all 180,000 employees through one system, which will be more cost efficient. The new payroll system projects to save $30 million or more each year.

Anthony Lo, director of the Payroll Personnel System Replacement Project, said that the project is garnering strong support and participation from all of the campuses and medical centers.

“For such a complex project, the four-year timetable is an ambitious schedule, but one that we can achieve with everyone working together,” Lo said, in a press release.

At this point, information regarding current payroll systems at UC campuses have been compiled and used to create imperative essentials for the new system. A competitive bid process has just been placed on the market. UC plans to designate a vendor and negotiate an agreement by July 1.

The project is still in its early phases, so other specifics such as initial costs are not yet available, said Leslie Sepuka, UC spokesperson.

Other details such as layoffs and the fate of the payroll department at UC Davis are also not yet available because the project is still premature, said Cindy Jones, manager of payroll services at UC Davis.

When the project is completed, there will be a single payroll system across all 10 UC campuses, which will lead to an improvement among gathering information and delivering services.

“The Payroll Personnel System replacement project is a vital part of Working Smarter [initiative],” said Peter Taylor, UC’s chief financial officer, in a press release.

The Working Smarter initiative is a project that was presented to the UC Board of Regents in May 2010. The aim of the initiative is to save the UC system $500 million over the next five years, which will be put back into core academic areas such as research.

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