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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ask Katehi

Why should students have faith in their administration when so many things that are important to students are getting cut?

It is a priority for me that students are heard and that they have an administration they can believe in. After all, you are the reason we are here and the reason we are working through these devastating financial times to find the best possible solutions.

Budget cuts have hurt our students and their families and that is never forgotten, even in our moments of great success and achievement here at UC Davis. Budget cuts have already brought an end to many of the things that all of us at UC Davis love about our university, and we continue to feel those reverberations.

I, too, am frustrated with the budget rollercoaster the state, nation and our campus has been on for several years. You probably know that if Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2011-12 budget becomes a reality, UC Davis could face a $99 million shortfall in the coming year. That means that over the past four years, our funding from the state will have dropped by nearly 40 percent and the state’s contribution to our budget will be close to 8 percent.

We cannot continue living this way. I am determined to get this university off the rollercoaster of financial uncertainty. We need fundamental, structural changes, not temporary fixes.

I ask you to share your ideas on ways we can address the impending budget shortfall. You can submit them at budget@ucdavis.edu. Also, for updates on the budget, please visit: budgetnews.ucdavis.edu.

We are in this together. I love this university too, and I am committed to giving you the best education possible, regardless of the impact of state budget reductions. I want you to know that your administration cannot – and will not – permit your education at UC Davis to be compromised.

Got a question for the chancellor? Send it to campus@theaggie.org.


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