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Column: What to wear

For the most part, college students live their lives day to day, from class to class. Daytime agendas rarely cause fashion stress and life can be lived out in jeans and a hoodie, if desired.

There are events, however, that require more specific fashion consideration, a requirement that usually leaves students standing blankly in front of their closets. Below is a brief compilation of possible dilemmas and remedies a typical college student may be faced during their four years.

The Job Interview: Lucky you – something about your resume, printed on the back side of your last Spanish composition for lack of paper, has grabbed the attention of a potential employer. Now this potential boss wants to see you in the flesh for a little friendly interrogation. What do you wear to prove that you floss daily, study often and are an awesome candidate for this position?

Not jeans. Guys, you must own slacks, somewhere, for some reason. You can’t have grown that much since prom. Dig them out and throw on a respectable and wrinkle-free button up; a tie will add extra edge if tied nicely, but is optional.

Also, sneakers of any sort are not allowed and totally discredit your slacks. If you don’t own any dress shoes, now is the time to invest. You’re going to be using them a lot in the future. Please put on some dark ankle socks.

Girls, booty hugging jeans, jeggings or leggings are totally inappropriate. Slacks work if you have them, or a dress that at least hangs past your hands with your arms down and approaches your knees. Tights keep things appropriate.

Keep your boobs under wraps. If you get hired for your cleavage, you’re only looking at a future full of sexual harassment issues.

Heels are cool if you can properly walk in them, but when in doubt, flats are safe and respectable.

A First Date: Someone actually wants to spend some quality time with you instead of just reserving a room upstairs at the frat house; appreciate that.

Guys, look nice. Put on your best jeans and your favorite shirt; stuffy, fancier clothes will only make you feel uncomfortable and less confident. Be sure, however, to look nicer than you do in class; check for holes and missing buttons, and make sure you smell good (it is AMAZING how much the right scent, in the right amount, can do for a guy).

Ladies, class is key here. You’re not headed to a frat, or a club, but to a restaurant (if you’re lucky) or some other destination. If you wear an outfit with all cleavage and legs, you’ll only be advertising your body parts with easy access. The most important thing is comfort; you’re going to look and feel way better in something you feel totally at ease in, rather than some tight-fitting number that is constantly riding up and making you feel self-conscious. Pick something you know you look great in and accessorize to your heart’s desire.

A Party: If you’re headed to a frat with a theme, go all out! Creative outfits are the best conversation starters and show real thought and creativity in both guys and gals. If your frat festivity has no declared theme, the unspoken but understood theme is always “skanky.”

Girls, if you really need to wear little to no clothing, this is the only socially acceptable place to do it (besides the pool), but realize that your body is going be slimy from head to toe with slithering frat boy gazes and even a few sticky and audacious hands. In the end, it’s best to remember that no one ever regrets dressing classy.

Guys, we don’t live anywhere near the Jersey Shore or Miami Beach, so unless you wish to be marked as a douchebag, leave the Ed Hardy to Pauly D. A nice polo if you’re prep, a cool graphic tee if you’re feeling casual, or a nice muscle tank if you have some guns to show off. It is also worth noting that whatever party you are attending, don’t wear your Prada and Gucci. You will be surrounded by sloppy, spilling college students who cannot control the direction their beer spills.

There aren’t too many occasions that require specific clothes, so make sure you get those few right. Rest easy knowing you can go back to your worn out jeans and favorite t-shirts in the morning.

Reach BRITTANY NELSON at bnelson@ucdavis.edu.


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