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With the recent uprisings in the Middle East, this is an exciting time to learn and write about human rights, Megha Bhatt said.

Bhatt and Victoria Martin, both senior religious studies majors, are editors of the first UC Davis Human Rights Journal. The journal is scheduled to come out in April, available electronically and in print.

“We seek to create a dialogue about human rights throughout disciplines. When people read the journal, they should expand their awareness of pertinent human rights issues and recognize the importance of action,” Bhatt said in an e-mail interview.

Students are encouraged to submit pieces to mybhatt@ucdavis.edu by March 14 at 5 p.m. Eligible pieces include essays, art, photography and poetry that address human rights issues, but Bhatt said the editorial board is open to receiving a broad range of types of submissions.

“The board is looking for creative ways students can present and analyze human rights issues through research papers, art, photography, poetry, etc. The question of what is human rights is contested, and so the board encourages students to approach the subject from new angles,” she said.

Although the number is not set in stone, Bhatt anticipates selecting 10 to 15 pieces for the journal.

The Religious Studies department is sponsoring the Human Rights Journal. Dr. Keith Watenpaugh is providing funds needed for printing copies of the journal. Watenpaugh recently started the university’s Human Rights minor, Bhatt said.

Once the journal is finished, digital copies can be accessed through the Religious Studies website, religion.ucdavis.edu, and paper copies can be obtained by e-mailing Bhatt at mybhatt@ucdavis.edu.

– Janelle Bitker


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