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News-in-Brief: Committee surveys campus regarding e-mail service

The Campus E-mail Committee sent students, faculty and staff a survey yesterday to determine what features will be needed in a future UC Davis e-mail service.

The survey will reach all faculty and staff and a sampling of some 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students – approximately 20,000 people altogether. The survey should take roughly five minutes to complete and the last day to submit is March 28.

“Your suggestions… will help us ensure the committee recommends an informed and forward-looking strategy for UC Davis,” said Felix Wu, computer science professor and committee chair, in an e-mail to survey participants.

Faculty and staff currently use Geckomail, powered by Cyrus Software, and students use DavisMail, which runs on Google’s Gmail. The survey asks questions about how satisfied users are with their current services, including privacy concerns and size of mailboxes.

The Campus E-mail Committee plans to submit its recommendations and a summary of the survey results to Bob Powell, chair of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate, and Pete Siegel, vice provost of Information and Educational Technology, by the end of April.

– Janelle Bitker


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