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Ask EPPC: Going green around the house

What are some easy things I can do around the house to go green?

Aside from the obvious ones, like recycling and turning off lights when you leave a room, we have two simple, but rarely used, ways to help the environment and even save you some cash.

My personal favorite is to substitute cloth for paper towels. Costco sells a 60 pack of towels for cheap that work perfectly. You can fit them all in one load so you don’t have to wash them with your socks. They are about the same size as a paper towel and they are incredibly durable – mine are four years old and running strong. So instead of throwing money in the trash each time you dry your hands or wipe up a spill, grab a rag and save some green!

The next tip is even easier because most of you already own this magical substance – liquid dish soap. Somehow we consumers have been tricked into stocking our own chemistry lab under our sinks. The toilet bowl cleaner, the carpet cleaner, the soap scum remover – they all have freaky warning labels and if you don’t clean with the window open and gloves, you invite these chemicals into your body. Enter warm soapy water – it’s cheap, it’s non-toxic and it makes bubbles! Seriously though, I use this stuff for everything from carpet stains to cleaning my mirror and it works like a charm. The warm water is key and letting it sit for a bit before scrubbing can do wonders.

So save yourself some money on expensive and toxic products and make your sponge a mini bubble bath. If you have your own easy tips like these, share them with us and help us grow the green!

Ask EPPC questions or tell us how to live green every week. Submit to margaret.link@gmail.com and win a green prize worth your effort.


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