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Letters to the Editor

ASUCD spending concerns

I am writing this letter to express my utmost disagreement with some recent allocations passed by the ASUCD Senate.

On Thursday, the ASUCD Senate passed SB #53 to allocate $133,000 from Capital Reserves to fund the Kid Cudi concert to be held by ASUCD and the Entertainment Council on April 28 at the UC Davis Pavilion.

This allocation is a clear statement that ASUCD Senate should not be allowed to make allocations of such large quantities without first informing the student body and giving them the opportunity to come and express their opinions about where their student money is going. Perhaps a new rule should be constituted that forces allocations of over $10,000 to be forwarded to the entire student body a week before the Senate votes on it. This would allow students a chance to express their concerns about such large spending bills.

For senate to justify $133,000 on the gamble that over 8,000 students will want to/be able to buy a $30-$50 ticket is downright irresponsible. I would much rather my student fees be spent on things like the CCC, the LGBTRC, the SRRC, or the Women’s Resources & Research Center.


ASUCD Senator, 2009-2010

Senior, political science


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