85.2 F

Davis, California

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Police briefs


Extra-textory perception

Someone received a text message asking if everything was okay with their son. They have a son in second grade and did not think the text was a coincidence, on Portola Court.

Snap, crackle, crash

Someone was driving recklessly near the rice paddies on I-80.


Military madness

A woman was having an articulate conversation with herself, while wearing a 1960’s army fatigue jacket, on Third Street.

Kids these days

A 13-year-old ran down the hill toward someone’s car, lifted up her shirt and then ran back up the hill, on Tulip Lane.

Human advantage

A subject was bitten by two pitbulls and then chased the dogs with a knife, on West Covell Boulevard.


It’s nothing

Someone witnessed two male subjects jump out of a vehicle and attack another subject on the street and then drag him into a vehicle, on 3rd and E Street.

Razor scooter runaway

A 14-year-old son left his residence without permission. He left on a Razor scooter and met up with friends, on Hopper Place.


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