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Campus Judicial Report

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A first-year student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for academic dishonesty in connection with a lower division class. The referred student asked a friend to sign the attendance sheet for her when she was not in class on two separate occasions, which is a violation of the Code of Academic Conduct. Upon meeting with the SJA officer, the student admitted to the misconduct and stated that she could not sign herself in because she was going to be late and would not have access to the sign-in sheet.

However, the sheet was intended to give students credit for being in class and on time, and also caused the other student to be referred for misconduct. The student agreed to disciplinary probation for a year, during which she agreed to conform to all university policies, as failure to do so would result in suspension or dismissal from UC Davis.

Stop crampin’ my style, yo

A student employee was referred to SJA on the charge of theft. The student was observed by Silo security monitors as he took a sweatshirt belonging to a fellow employee and put it in his backpack. He did not turn it in to the lost and found nor gave it back to its owner, even after a number of days had passed. When he met with the SJA officer, the student admitted to taking the sweatshirt but stated he had intended to give it back to its owner. However, due to other events going on at the time, the student had forgotten to do so. The student agreed to deferred separation, meaning that if he is referred for any kind of theft or misappropriation of property in the future, the student has waived his right to a formal hearing and, if found in violation by an SJA officer, he will be subject to suspension or dismissal.

Take home exams to be done at home

A student was referred to SJA on suspicions of having gotten an unfair advantage on an exam. The exam, which was a take-home, was due at the beginning of lecture. However, the student did not turn in her exam until after the lecture was over. The professor contacted SJA due to concerns that the student may have continued to work on the exam during the lecture and thus had more time than her classmates. When she met with the judicial officer, the student claimed that she had been late to class and did not want to interrupt the lecture in order to turn in her exam. After providing notes from the lecture which indicated that she had been listening to the professor and not working on her exam, the student was found “Not in violation” and received a non-disciplinary administrative notice, which is a formal notice regarding university policies and standards related to the violation the student was referred for.

CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORTS are compiled by members of Student Judicial Affairs.


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