56.1 F

Davis, California

Friday, May 24, 2024

Roving Reporter

“Picnic Day. It’ll be my last time going since I’m a senior.”

– Priscilla Wong, senior communication major

“The weather. I can’t stand the cold and it feels good to be outside.”

– Esther Ismayelyan, first-year sociology major

“I’m looking forward to showing off my body at the Rec Pool.”

– John Helmy, junior psychology major

“The sun. I’m from San Diego, so I miss the sun. We had a rainy winter, too.”

– Melissa Huynh, junior cell biology major

“I’m graduating in the spring, so I’m looking forward to passing my classes, relaxing and chilling with friends before we have to move.”

– Bailey Yee, senior biochemistry major

“Whole Earth. It’s an entire weekend and a lot of hippies come up.”

– Eddie Heinrich, sophomore sociology and communication double major

“The dress code changes so it’s more acceptable for girls to wear fashionable clothing. There are also a lot of campus events that are held outside, and the weather is amiable. I love Picnic Day – I wish I could pat Picnic Day on the back.”

Hishan Alibob, junior economics major

10. “Picnic Day, because everyone’s outside during the day having fun. It can get a little quiet in Davis, so it’s nice. This will be my first time going to the bars.”

– Claire Kozad, junior economics major

Text by Erin Migdol
Photos by Jeff Perry


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