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Tech tips: Apps for baseball season

As Major League Baseball (MLB) starts up, tech-savvy sports fans have several reasons to rejoice. There are well-designed apps out there to guide you through the season.

MLB.com At Bat 11

This app is available on iOS devices, Android and Blackberry. At Bat provides real-time Spring Training play-by-plays and free access to home and away radio broadcasts. The app also organizes player stats and interactive rosters. You can customize your screen for your favorite team and see video highlights for games still in progress – as if you have better things to do than see the Giants in person.

The app costs $14.99.


Need to settle a dispute over which team is better? This app costs $4.99 and contains almost every box score for every MLB game going back to 1950. Fans can search the Pennant database by team, year, division, etc. If you missed a game, you can set the program up to show play-by-play. The design of the app is simple and easy to navigate.

Whether an Apple iPad can survive a rowdy cheering section is another story.

– Madeline McCurry-Schmidt


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