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CD review: Britney Spears

Artist: Britney Spears

Album: Femme Fatale

Label: Jive Records

Rating: 5

Before Lady Gaga steamed up the dance floor with bad romances or Ke$ha sang talked about how she wakes up feeling like P. Diddy, there was Britney Spears, the princess of pop. Now she is back to remind everyone exactly why she still is, and always will be, the princess of pop, no matter how many more new pop artists start infiltrating radio airwaves.

Her long awaited new record, Femme Fatale, is full of club beats thumping hard behind Britney’s infamous coos and lilting whispers. The CD has 16 songs on the track list, with the Japanese version having a bonus track titled “Scary.” Like most Britney songs, the lyrics are a play on words such as “Hold It Against Me” which stems from the old Groucho Marx pickup line. The lyrics aren’t of much substance, but they’re extremely catchy and great to sing while dancing, which is what your body will want to do once the songs start playing.

Some might complain that there is too much auto-tune on this album. Yes, there might be an excess of auto-tune but it blends very well in all the songs and doesn’t make this album any less of a dancing delight. Instead it ensures playtime in all the hottest clubs, popular radios and any if not all parties for the rest of the year.

Give these tracks a listen: “Inside Out”, “How I Roll”, “Trouble for Me”

For fans of: Madonna, Ke$ha, Cascada

– Michelle Ruan


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