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CD review: Lykke Li

Artist: Lykke Li

Album: Wounded Rhymes

Label: LL Recordings

Rating: 4

At first listen, it’s clear that Wounded Rhymes is no sophomore slump. But it’s also clear that Lykke Li isn’t afraid to experiment with her sound.

In comparison to Li’s debut album Youth Novels, which was mainly filled with upbeat tracks that mirrored the album’s title, Wounded Rhymes depicts a more introspective and darker tone. Instead of singing songs titled “Dance, Dance, Dance,” Li explores heartbreak and pain in tracks such as “Unrequited Love” and “Sadness is a Blessing”.

That’s not to say that Li’s album is a downer. The unique electronic beats that kept her first album moving along are still very much present in Wounded Rhymes, giving even the darker songs an ironicironically upbeat feel. And Li still manages to have fun on a few songs, such as the standout “Get Some.”

Wounded Rhymes is a beautiful example of Li’s growth as an artist and as a songwriter. You may not be playing Li’s album the next time you’re getting ready to go out on a Friday night, but it’ll make great background music the next morning.

Give these tracks a listen: “I Know Places,” “I Follow Rivers,” “Get Some”

For fFans of: Robyn, Florence + the Machine, Oh Land

– Anneta Konstantinides


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