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Letter to the Editor: Tipsy Taxi credit due

Tipsy Taxi credit due

While we appreciate having our efforts regarding Tipsy Taxi service improvements recognized in coverage by the newspaper, we feel that the editorial board might have given us too much credit. The real heroes in the Tipsy Taxi Thursday service expansion were Sabastian Belser, an undergraduate student who serves as the director of STS Tipsy Taxi, and Geoff Straw, the director of Unitrans. Both deserve the lion’s share of credit for formulating and implementing Thursday service in a manner that ensures student funds are used wisely.

ASUCD President Adam Thongsavat was also directly involved with planning the proposal. We hope that this statement will provide the three of them with the recognition they most certainly deserve.

As ASUCD senators, we have found time and time again that success happens because of team effort. We would like the UC Davis community to know that Sabastian, Geoff and Adam were part of that team, and that it was, and continues to be, a privilege working with them.



ASUCD Senator


ASUCD Senator


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