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Campus Judicial Report

History Not Soon Forgotten

A student was recently referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for suspected copying during his final history exam. The teaching assistant noticed suspicious behavior between the student and his neighbor during the exam, and after grading the two tests it was found that 75 percent of the answers on the Scantrons were identical to one another, including wrong answers. It was fairly easy to determine who was copying off of whom because there were two versions of the test. During his informal meeting with an SJA officer, the student admitted to copying from his friend and confirmed that the friend had no knowledge of it. The student agreed to be placed on disciplinary probation until winter 2012 and to complete 20 hours of community service. Disciplinary probation means that if the student is found in violation of another offense, he will likely be suspended or dismissed from the University of California. He also received a zero on his final exam.  

Abroad Spectrum of Consequences

A student was referred to SJA by his education abroad program as a result of an incident that had taken place overseas during winter quarter. It was reported that the student hosted a party and served alcohol, which violated both curfew regulations and the no-alcohol policies of the program. In addition, one of the partygoers had a medical emergency as a result of his alcohol consumption and was rushed to the hospital. While such violations might normally call for disciplinary actions for all parties involved, UC Davis has an informal “Good Samaritan” policy in place that encourages students to do the right thing even if it exposes behavior on their part that is not in accordance with University policies. Because the student did everything he could to ensure the safety of his inebriated friend, he was issued a non-disciplinary administrative notice from SJA.

What a Piece of Work

A junior was referred to SJA by his classics professor twice in the same quarter. When the student submitted an assignment that contained lines plagiarized from an Internet article, the professor’s suspicions were raised, and he went back to the student’s previous work and found that he had done the same thing in the past. The student admitted that he thought citing was not necessary because the sentences were “just background information,” and apologized for plagiarizing. The sanction for this offense was disciplinary probation and 10 hours of community service, and the student signed a disciplinary contract agreeing to this, acknowledging that any future violations would likely result in suspension or dismissal.  He also received a zero on both papers. However, a few days later, the student submitted his final paper for the class, which contained much of the same plagiarized material as his previous paper assignment.  His disciplinary probation had become effective immediately following his first violation, so this third violation – mere days later in the same class with the same professor and using the same piece of work – called for serious sanctions. The student was suspended for one quarter and placed on deferred separation status. One more violation and this student will be expelled from the university.

Campus Judicial Reports are compiled by members of STUDENT JUDICIAL AFFAIRS.


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