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Delta Chi Fraternity to play BASEketball for charity

Basketball and baseball are easy to play separately, but if you want a challenge, try playing them together. This May will be your chance to try, and raise some money for a cause while you’re at it.

On May 7, the Delta Chi Fraternity of UC Davis will be holding a fundraising event at the Cesar Chavez Elementary School basketball courts on Anderson Road from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A majority of the proceeds from the event will go to The Jimmy V Foundation, which raises money for cancer research.

If you have never heard of BASEketball, you’re not alone. Unless you have seen the 1998 movie by the same name, starring “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, it’s not a sport you are likely to be familiar with. Andrew Campion, a senior neurobiology, physiology and behavior major and philanthropy chair for Delta Chi, who is running the event, remembers how they came up with the idea.

“It’s sort of silly, but we were literally trying to come up with ideas for a philanthropy event while we were watching BASEketball. We got to thinking about it, and it seemed like an interesting and fun way to get the campus and community involved in giving back,” Campion said.

The game is basically what the name implies: a combination of baseball and basketball.

“It’s essentially playing baseball, but you’re shooting at a basket with a basketball instead of throwing a baseball,” Campion said.

At the beginning, players are divided into teams composed of four players. An offensive player then takes a shot at the basket and, depending on where he or she decides to stand when taking the shot, determines if it is a single, double and so on. While a player is taking a shot, the defensive team utilizes a “psych out” to try to get him or her to miss. A “psych out” may involve any distractive maneuvers.

According to Delta Chi’s official rules: “Props for the psych outs are allowed, so if you think playing a song the shooter hates will work, then you can bring a radio out with you.”

Three misses is considered an out. Each team will play a number of games, and their ranking will determine who they will play in the single-elimination playoffs that afternoon.

If you are confused or aren’t a star athlete, don’t worry, the event is more about having fun and raising money.

“We thought a BASEketball event would be a fun way to support the Jimmy V foundation. Everyone is welcome to participate. We will provide a set of rules to participating teams, but those with questions can also check out the movie BASEketball,” said Adam Silva, a former member of Delta Chi who graduated this past fall and is now serving as an alumni mentor.

At the end of the tournament, the winning team will have 20 percent of the proceeds donated to the philanthropy of their choice. The rest of the money raised, mainly from the $40 per team entrance fee, will be given to the Jimmy V Foundation for cancer research.

“Our hope is to raise between $800 and $1000, including the 20 percent that goes to the winning team’s philanthropy choice,” Campion said.

The Jimmy V Foundation is Delta Chi’s national philanthropic organization. Named in honor of former basketball coach and cancer victim Jim Valvano, The V Foundation sponsors research and treatments for all forms of cancer.

“The V Foundation gives 100 percent of all new direct cash donations and net event proceeds to cancer research and related programs. Between 1994 and 2003, The V Foundation awarded 109 V Scholar grants to promising young researchers nationwide to help them establish their laboratories,” stated the foundation’s website.

The Delta Chi Fraternity is hoping for a strong turn out on May 7 because when it comes to BASEketball, the more the merrier.

“We, the brothers, wanted to bring a unique event to campus that is fun and easy to compete in. You don’t have to be the best athlete to be good at BASEketball,” said Colin March, the president of UC Davis’ chapter of Delta Chi.

Besides BASEketball, the event will also host a barbeque that a few local restaurants will cater. Music will be playing throughout the day, thanks to a DJ Campion found to volunteer at the event.

For more information and rules about the game, visit the Delta Chi BASEketball Tournament event page on Facebook or e-mail Campion at awcampion@ucdavis.edu.

CLAIRE MALDARELLI can be reached at features@theaggie.org.


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