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CD review: TV On The Radio

Artist: TV On The Radio

Album: Nine Types of Light

Label: DGC Records

Rating: 4

From the very beginning of Nine Types of Light, the album has a romantic tone, which is a slight shift from TV On The Radio’s previous albums. The rhythmic and vocal quality of the songs gives this romantic undertone to the entire album.

The lyrics of the songs make the album calm and happy and very accessible to all listeners. This is especially apparent in “Will Do” and “You,” clearly the most romantic songs in the album. The simplification of the band’s sound makes them more mainstream. We see less anger and craziness in this album and more focus on romance than on politics. It is clearer and more concise.

The album is very positive, which is indicated most by “Killer Crane.” With its gorgeous simplicity and calmness it is the clearly the heart of the album. Upbeat songs such as “Caffeinated Consciousness” and “Repetition” trace back to the band’s earlier songs but without the sadness and anguish present in older songs. Both are upbeat, catchy tunes.

The two songs that are slightly disappointing are “New Cannonball Run” and “Forgotten.” Some critics might dislike this album for not being as epic and will dislike the lack of variety. However, this is just a minor negative aspect of an otherwise terrific and splendid album.

This album clearly indicates that TV on the Radio is still producing hits and will continue to surprise us. The changes from previous albums have not made them any less appealing. It keeps us curious and waiting for more.

Give these tracks a listen: “Will Do,” “You,” “Killer Crane”

For fans of: Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Radiohead, Prince

– Paayal Zaveri


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