83.2 F

Davis, California

Monday, May 27, 2024

Police Briefs


Glory hole

A hole was cut in the fence of a maintenance shed, on F Street.

Gray jeans were still the worst choice made that day

A female in gray jeans and a hoodie was holding a gun, outside of a store on Mace Boulevard.

Menace to society

A man who was previously sitting on a picnic bench was lying on the ground snoring, on Loyola Drive.


AggieTV at its finest

An unknown female with a video camera attached to her vehicle was taking footage of a plot on East Eighth Street.

Screwed over

Someone believes an unknown person removed a screw from her bike, in an attempt to cause her harm, on F Street and West Covell Boulevard.

Break it, you buy it

A male attempted to steal a $20 bowl, and then broke the bowl, on G Street.


What about crashing actions?

A mustang was making crashing noises, on Richards Boulevard.

So, it was lost?

A vehicle was reported stolen and now found, at Castilian on Wake Forest Drive.

Police Briefs are compiled from the city of Davis daily crime bulletins. You commit the crimes, we just make fun of them. Contact BECKY PETERSON at city@theaggie.org.


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