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Ask Katehi

I am concerned that I can’t afford to be a student at UC Davis next year. What are my options? What financial resources do I have?

We all understand how difficult it is for students and their families to bear the increasing cost of higher education. When we created our Vision of Excellence for UC Davis, we made a commitment to build on our accomplishments for the future, and to ensure that all qualified students have access to an affordable, world-class education.

The decline of state support for the University of California in recent years has forced the UC Board of Regents to raise fees, but UC and UC Davis have developed many programs to assist our students during these difficult times.

For example, UC’s Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan ensures that eligible California students with an annual family income of up to $80,000 for 2011-2012 will have their systemwide fees and tuition covered by grants and scholarships. And, depending on need, these students may qualify for more grant aid to help reduce the cost of attendance.

UC has also launched Project You Can, a commitment by all 10 campuses to raise a combined $1 billion in student scholarships by 2013. At UC Davis, I have committed us to raise $125 million.

In addition, the university offers the Registration Fee Deferment Plan (RFDPP) that allows students to pay fees on a quarterly plan, or to set up an annual plan that allows a student to pay fees monthly on a dependable schedule from September through May. Our short-term loan program is available to any enrolled student with temporary financial difficulties. And, depending on the student’s circumstances, the financial aid office offers – on an exceptional basis – a review of the family’s income sources to determine eligibility for aid by filling out a Special Circumstance Appeal form.

It is my hope that all current and prospective UC Davis students have the opportunity to complete their degree despite the turbulent financial times we live in today. For more information on the programs offered by the office of financial aid, I encourage you to visit their website at financialaid.ucdavis.edu/.

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