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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Basement Gallery senior shows underway

Senior art studio majors are currently showing their final works as undergraduates in the Art Building’s Basement Gallery for one week each.

The majority of graduating art studio majors show their work in the student-run Basement Gallery, according to director Daniel Zaks. Each student’s show includes class work as well as personal pieces.

View this week’s show by Liam O’Donnell, Alexandria Naza and Laura Megumi Thatcher until Saturday. Zaks said their work is primarily black and white, and includes prints, sculptures and video installations.

Check out the Basement Gallery schedule through the end of the quarter.

Week 5, through Saturday: Liam O’Donnell, Alexandria Naza, Laura Megumi Thatcher

Week 6, May 1-7: Marianne Stella, Hillary Dufour, Alicia Ivanhoe, Sarah Giampaoli

Week 7, May 8-14: Julia Litman-Cleper, Daniel Maher, Keith DeNatale

Week 8, May 15-21: Sara Joseph, Veronica Figueroa

Week 9, May 22-28: Sarah DeRemer, Mitzi Matthews, Kelly Oreglia

Week 10, May 29-June 4: Alysia Brown, Erika Overstreet, Alejandra Cortes

Finals Week, June 5-11: Aldo Chanez-Gracia, Rocky Baer

– Robin Migdol


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