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CD review: Explosions in the Sky

Artist: Explosions in the Sky

Album: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Label: Temporary Residence Ltd.

Rating: 5

Since their 2000 release How Strange, Innocence, Explosions in the Sky has been crafting music that amplifies the soul through pure instrumentals.

Although the album is seemingly short (with only six tracks), each offers epic waves of sounds. In the track “Postcards from 1952,” guitars sweep in and out through endless riffs and make the seven minute-long track seem fleeting.

Mark Smith, Chris Hrasky, Munaf Rayani and Michael James really want to reiterate their ability to let the instruments take you in. Regardless of some moments of anticlimax and overly-drawn uses of power chords, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care was worth the wait since the 2007 release of All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone.

Give these tracks a listen: “Postcards from 1952,” “Let Me Back In” and “Trembling Hands”

For fans Of: Eluvium, Mogwai, Akira Kosemura

– Uyen Cao


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