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Letter to the Editor: ROTC poster vandalism

We would like to correct a misstatement that appeared in Tuesday’s article in The California Aggie, entitled, “Graffiti found on ROTC poster.” We are especially concerned about the message the article might have sent to our military vets on campus. The campus works very hard to provide support services and a positive climate for our vets. Both our ROTC students and our military vets are highly valued members of our campus community. The article stated that since the act of vandalism on the poster “was not reported, there would be no university follow-up.” This is not the case. Once a report is received, or we become aware of an incident, there is always some level of university follow-up. 

We were deeply saddened to see the wording on the ROTC poster for the first time in The Aggie. We don’t know if this was written as an intentional act of cruelty against this part of our campus community or, if it was written by someone trying to bring awareness to an important issue for those who have served in deadly wars.

If it was an act of intentional cruelty, it is unacceptable. It is an affront to our Principles of Community that something as serious in our society as “Post Traumatic Syndrome” be projected in this manner. If the graffiti was written by someone trying to bring awareness to a serious mental health issue faced by our vets, there are more appropriate ways to bring attention to this important issue.

We would like to take this opportunity to make students aware of the essential services we offer for veteran students. First, we would like all students to know about services offered to our vets at the Transfer, Re-Entry and Veteran Center (TRV) located on the first floor of Dutton Hall. The TRV Center serves as a support center for student vets, providing a friendly place for students to get help with veteran benefits processing and a place to meet peers. Toward this end, the TRV Center hosts a coffee and donuts social every Thursday at 9 a.m. and provides TRV students with access to computers, free printing and a comfortable place to study or relax.

Additionally, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers two service options to support our student vets. First, personal counseling and crisis intervention services are offered by professional staff at CAPS in 219 North Hall (752-0871). In addition, personal consultation, educational programs and outreach services for vets are offered by Dr. Romana A. Norton, a Community Counselor who is part of CAPS’ Community Advising Network (CAN). Dr. Norton specializes in the needs and concerns of student Veterans and can recommend a host of resources for student vets including information about local Veteran Centers and support groups. She is located the TRV Center (2236 Dutton Hall) and can be reached at: 752-3868 or rnorton@ucdavis.edu.

Again, we would like the campus community to be assured that incidents of hate and bias are recorded and investigated to the extent possible, and that we deeply care about our current and former military students.


Griselda Castro

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Division of Student Affairs

Rahim Reed

Executive Vice Chancellor

Campus and Community Relations


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