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UC Davis Dance Team ready to bust a move

Most of UC Davis sees the dance team perform on the football field and basketball court. The campus remembers these girls from their charismatic performances of “Get Outta Your Mind” and “Get Buck in Here.”

This is a team that practices for three hours – three times per week, packing on an extra four hours when performing for a game.

When given creative liberties, the dance team loves to perform a much more diverse range of music choices and dance styles. During their eighth annual Dance Showcase, they will do exactly that.

“We get to prove that we can do more than just showgirl,” Senior Kayla Odom said. “We can do contemporary, lyrical, jazz and tap, too. This is really a chance to showcase all of our other talents.” The show is a culmination of all the work the team has done all year.

“This is our biggest event,” said senior captain Katrina Slemmons. “We get to do all our own choreography and perform it in front of an audience that is just there to see us.”

Slemmons’ teammates agree that this event is much more personal than the performances they do during halftime at the football and basketball games.

“It’s nice not to have to do hip-hop for every single routine,” first year Amber Owens said. “We can show off all of our talents and really perform what we want. I’m most excited to show everyone our jazz routine.”

The UC Davis dance team’s jazz number won seventh place at Nationals in February.

“Placing so high was like a Cinderella story for us,” said junior Monique Dyquiangco. “When we found out we had made it that far, we all just jumped and screamed for ten minutes.”

The dancers are excited to perform the successful routine for their home crowd.

In addition to performing the jazz number from nationals, they will also be showing off a wide range of new dances and fan favorites from football season.

“This is about showing off what we’ve done all year,” said junior Laura Murrell. “Last year, people were shocked to see the diversity in the team.”

The Aggie Pack will MC the event, and during intermissions and costume changes several a cappella groups will perform.

Next week, just after their showcase, the Dance Team will be holding dance clinics and tryouts for next year.

“We are looking for someone who has charisma,” Murrell said. “Not just technique, but personality. Together with the cheer squad and Aggie Pack, we are the face of spirit at Davis. They need to be versatile in their abilities and have a good attitude.”

In addition to being positive, the dance team is looking for girls who can add to the team’s talent and future goals.

“We are really looking for skill, too,” Dyquiangco said. “This is a competitive team. But we also serve the community and go to local schools and perform. We act as ambassadors for UC Davis.”

Tryouts start on Wednesday, and will begin with commitment-free clinics, where anyone can learn new dance moves, along with authentic dance team choreography.

“They are like free dance classes,” Dyquiangco said. “If anyone is curious, they can come and get a feel for the team and what we do. Then they can decide if they want to formally try out.”

Murrell strongly encourages all students interested in trying out to buy a ticket to the Dance Showcase to see first-hand what the team is all about.

The Showcase will take place this Friday and Saturday night at 7 p.m. at Brunelle Performance Hall at Davis Senior High. Tickets are five dollars pre-sale, and seven dollars at the door.

For those interested in purchasing tickets to the Showcase, email Monique at mrdyquiangco@ucdavis.edu and for those interesting in joining next year’s squad, check out aggiepack.com.

CALEIGH GUOYNES can be reached at sports@theaggie.org.


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