66.3 F

Davis, California

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Police Briefs


Well, with all that detail…

There was a missing female on Pole Line Road.

Extreme hitchhiking

There was a male brandishing a weapon in the center divide of West Covell Boulevard and Sycamore Lane.

A variation of Bike Polo

Males were taking turns hitting a bike with a bat on Spruce Lane.


That’s nuts

Derogatory words were left in peanut butter on someone’s vehicle at College Square Apartments on J Street.

The fastest way to a man’s heart

A female was going crazy with a knife, cutting open a couch, at J Street Apartments on J Street.

Real Housewives of Yolo County

Someone’s ex-wife was harboring a 20-year-old male at an unknown location in Davis.

Railway bandits

Someone was assaulted on the railroad tracks, where his fanny pack, wallet and jacket were stolen, in downtown Davis.


A female was walking when a male jumped out of the bushes and told her to “come here,” on Hickory Lane and Olive Drive.

It’s called art

An abandoned vehicle was projecting something onto the side of a building on F and First Street.


So crazy in love

A female’s boyfriend was drunk and acting crazy on East Eighth Street.


Someone’s locked box was broken into and eggs were taken on Adeline Place.

Police Briefs are compiled from the city of Davis daily crime bulletins. Think you can do better? Contact BECKY PETERSON at city@theaggie.org.


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