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Sustainable students, staff head for Viridian Apartments

Named for the green element of sustainability, the Viridian Apartments of the West Village development are to open this fall quarter, housing both staff and students.

The Viridian Apartments, the sister complex of the widely publicized Ramble Apartments, is set to be the first completely sustainable UC Davis-affiliated housing complex. Viridian is also the first of its kind to offer housing for both staff and students, in two separate buildings, for the same price.

In terms of sustainability, the Viridian Apartments offer everything to promote green living from transportation to appliances.

“We will have high-efficiency lighting technology with solar panels providing all the energy,” said Emily Austin, marketing director for the West Village Apartments. “They also have Energy Star Appliances and a landscape water detention fund.”

In addition, the apartments were designed to provide every means of sustainability, including transportation to and from campus.

“It was built around a bike path to encourage sustainable transportation to school as well as the use of the Unitrans line,” Austin said.

As a part of the West Village living community, the Viridian Apartments are built on commercial land with Zero Net Energy Co., meaning that the apartments make no impact on the energy grid.

According to Mary Hayakawa, executive director of real estate services for UC Davis, being zero impact means the complex will produce enough electricity through natural resources to offset the electricity used by the neighborhood.

“We plan to meet these goals through deep energy efficiency measures and on-site renewable energy generation – solar photo voltaics, fuel cell to be fueled by biogas, etc.,” Hayakawa said.

Every aspect of the Viridian complex is designed to limit energy use and promote a healthier environment, including solar panel rooftops and parking areas, energy-efficient appliances, floor panels designed to capture breeze and oversized windows for natural lighting.

In theme with promoting sustainability, Unitrans has announced that it will be adding in a V-line to and from the West Village complex.

“We’re anticipating that it will be similar to the B-line, which runs every 30 minutes from the Silo,” said Scott Weintraub, assistant general manager of Unitrans. “The line will open as soon as people can move into the apartments.”

In comparison to the Ramble Apartments, the Viridian Apartments have the same general layout with a few minor differences. The Viridian Apartments offer only one- and two- bedroom apartments, while the Ramble offers up to four-bedroom apartments.

“The Viridian has a more urban approach with elevators and a modern interior design,” Austin said. “Quality will remain the same, if not better than the Ramble Apartments.”

A one-bedroom apartment costs $1,299, which includes all amenities. A room in a two-bedroom apartment costs $799.

The apartments are located on campus land west of Highway 113 and south of Russell Boulevard. The West Village leasing center is located at 409 Third St. More information can be found at ucdaviswestvillage.com/viridian/.

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