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UC Davis LipDub a success

After months of organization and planning, this past Saturday marked AggieTV’s first UC Davis LipDub. Over 150 students, faculty and community members, along with 20 different organizations, participated in a variety of dance and lip-syncing performances of Queen’s “Bicycle Race” and “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Following one practice run and four real takes of the six-minute video, Megan Frantz, AggieTV’s executive director and director of the LipDub stated, “That’s a wrap!” amid cheers and chants of “UCD” at the end of the last shot.

“We’ve been planning since October and have had the best people involved who are passionate and dedicated,” Frantz said. “We’re so happy with all the support we got from students because without them, it wouldn’t have been anything.”

One of the difficulties in producing a LipDub is capturing the entire sequence in one steady continuous shot, but LipDub cinematographer Daniel Fontaine was up to the challenge.

“I’m very excited to be given the responsibility of camera man for the LipDub because it’s the one job that has to be executed flawlessly,” he said. “I’m also very proud of AggieTV for pulling it off.”

With the filming complete, AggieTV will now turn its attention to editing and completing post-production within the next two weeks. The production crew plans on hosting a premiere party in the near future.

The LipDub t-shirts are available for purchase at http://bit.ly/lipdubshirt. If you are interested in participating in AggieTV, you can contact Megan Frantz at executiveproducer@agtv.ucdavis.edu.

– Text and photo by Jeff Perry



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