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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Letters to the Editor: Destruction of the Domes

It is hard to not get really cynical about the true workings that go on in the higher echelons of the UC administration. It is well documented that UC Regents use their position to gain filthy lucre at the expense of the students and the UC’s reputation as one of the best public education organizations in the world. The corruption runs deep.

Richard Blum, who is Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband, is a regent who also owns stake in two for-profit universities that the UC investment managers have chosen to invest $53 MILLION dollars in public funds. These people are not neophytes in the power and corruption arena.

With this type of blatant criminality going on unchecked, it is obvious that the UCD administration let the Domes fall into disrepair so that it could utilize a prime piece of real estate at its discretion. I wonder if we followed the money trail, which administrator (or their developer friends) would benefit the most from bulldozing this shining example of sustainability and putting in some high rise dorms managed by an “independent corporation” at student and taxpayer expense? 

Someday the UC Regents and administration must be held accountable for selling off our public education system to the highest bidders and we, the citizens of California and the students, teachers and alumni of UC Davis, must restore the honor and dignity of this tarnished institution.

Jake Couch

Environmental Biology, ’96


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