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Thursday, May 23, 2024

News in Brief: Tax to fund schools approved

Voters passed Measure A, a two-year parcel tax to increase funding to the Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD). The mail-in special election ended on Tuesday night, approving the tax of $20 per unit for renters, and $200 per parcel for land owners in the school district lines. The tax period begins July 1.

This new fee is in addition to a $320 parcel tax for land owners, and $150 for unit renters, which were approved through Measure Q in 2007 and Measure W in 2008. It will affect all residents in the city of Davis, and parts of Yolo County within the school district lines. The university is exempt from the tax.

The ballot text described Measure A as an emergency tax to fund essential school programs, from elective classes to counselors, as well as reduce the extent of layoffs in the district.

The argument against the measure, signed by Thomas Randall, Jr. of Davis Citizens Against Excessive Taxation, states Measure A is an excessive increase and DJUSD is using “scare tactics” to intimidate voters into passing the measure.

The argument in favor, signed by Yolo County Supervisor Helen Thomson, as well as four other community members, states that it will save educational programs and teachers threatened by the state budget mess.

Two-thirds approval was required to pass the measure. There were 11,073, or 67.2 percent, Yes votes and 5,403, or 32.8 percent, No votes.

– Becky Peterson


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